Viva la Cuba!

Viva the people. The cars. The culture. The food. The cigars. The rum.

Have you dreamed about going to Cuba before the island changes forever?

This video is compiled from photos I shot on the incredible trip we took to Cuba this March. Hopefully it will inspire you to experience this unique place that everyone says is stuck in time.

I’m ready to go back!! 

And we are!!! Our next trip will be on Southwest Airlines first flight from Ft Lauderdale to Havana this December!! So looking forward to a whole new experience in Cuba around the holidays!!

Would you like to go to Cuba in 2017? We may try to get a group together to go back. Contact me at for more info. Meanwhile, enjoy our last trip… 

2 thoughts on “Viva la Cuba!”

  1. Hello! It’s been a while since our Thailand trip. I see you have had a lot of fun since! I have not traveled much because of the job I was in but that will change soon 😊 I’m reaching out because you been to Cuba and was wondering if you went on your own or a tour? If on your own, what do recommend to book hotels? I’ve become a seller of travel now and have access to 1-2 hotel by reputable vendors in Cuba only.


    1. Hi Nadia!

      It had been a while since Thailand. Such a beautiful country!

      As for Cuba, our first trip was with GoAhead tours. A packaged, fully guided people-to-people trip with my good friend Lyn as our guide. I would highly recommend them for your first time to Cuba. You will see, do and experience more of the country! I believe that they may have a discount running right now. Tell them I sent you!

      Our second trip was on our own. You still have to arrange a full people-to-people itinerary to meet the requirements of USA law. This is why it is really best to go with a group. I made notes while we were there the first time about things to see and do, otherwise it would have been virtually impossible to do.

      There are several tour companies that go to Cuba. I chose GoAhead Tours because their offering appealed to me the most. Havana, Hemingway, Trinidad, small towns and the beach too. Amazing experience.

      Let me know if you have any other questions! Good to hear from you!


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